Accepted Papers
  • An Introduction to Video Watermarking Tamper Detection, and Authentication
    Farnaz Arab and Mazdak Zamani, Kean University Union, NJ, USA
    The basic idea for video watermarking technique is concealing information in the video host. There are three popular techniques that can be used for data hiding those are steganography, watermarking and cryptography. These methods are compared and this paper intends to overview video watermarking techniques of tamper detection and authentication.
  • Management Architecture For Dynamic Federated Identity Management
    Daniela Pohn and Wolfgang Hommel,Leibniz Supercomputing Centre, Munich Network Management Team, Garching n. Munich, Germany
    We present the concept and design of Dynamic Automated Metadata Exchange (DAME) in Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) based user authentication and authorization infrastructures. This approach solves the real-world limitations in scalability of pre-exchanged metadata in SAML-based federations and inter-federations. The user initiates the metadata exchange on demand, therefore reducing the size of the exchanged metadata compared to traditional metadata aggregation. In order to specify and discuss the necessary changes to identity federation architectures, we apply the Munich Network Management (MNM) service model to Federated Identity Management via a trusted third party (TTP); an overview of all components and interactions is created. Based on this model, the management architecture of the TTP with its basic management functionalities is designed. This management architecture includes further functionality for automated management of entities and dynamic federations.