Accepted Papers


  • An alternative approach towards a formalization of UML Class Diagram semantics
    Issar Arab and Yassine M'hanna, AlAkhawayn University at Ifrane, Ifrane, Morocco
    The Unified Modeling Langue (UML) is one of the backbones of the software design since it has been widely used in constructing models of systems. Therefore, a clear understanding of this concept is highly recommended for software designers to achieve a common communication with stakeholders. However, UML is known to have some popular drawbacks that were addressed by many pioneers of the software design field. These issues that hinder UML for being widely used are lack of clear semantics, excessive size and complexity, and limited customizability. We will mainly focus on the lack of clear semantics in this paper because of its importance to perform a mapping between diagrammatic models and mathematical logic. Therefore, we will go deeply in establishing a solid relationship between UML and one of the wellknown mathematical theories which is set theory.


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