Accepted Papers


  • A Study On The Motion Change Under Loaded Condition Induced By Vibration Stimulation On Biceps Branchii
    Koki Honda and Kazuo Kiguchi, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan.
    To assist not only motor function but also perception ability of elderly and/or handicapped persons, the power-assist robots which have perception-assist function have been developed. These robots can automatically modify the user's motion when the robot detects inappropriate user's motion or a possibility of accident such as collision between the user and obstacles. For this motion modification in perception-assist, some actuators of power-assist robot are used. On the other hand, since some elderly persons, handicapped persons or some workers need not use power-assist function but perception-assist function only, another effective perception-assist method was investigated in our previous study. In this perception-assist method, only vibrators are used for generating motion change with kinesthetic illusion to assist perception-ability only. In this study, since the perception-assist is often used during tasks under a loaded condition, the features of motion change under the loaded condition are investigated.
  • Ankle Muscle Synergies For Smooth Pedal Operation Under Various Lower - Limn Posture
    Kazuo Kiguchi1, Takuto Fujita1, Sho Yabunaka2, Yusaku Takeda2 and Toshihiro Hara2, 1Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan, 2Mazda Motor Corporation, Hiroshima, Japan
    A study on muscle synergy of ankle joint motion is important since the acceleration operation results in automobile acceleration. It is necessary to understanding the characteristics of ankle muscle synergies to define the appropriate specification of pedals, especially for the accelerator pedal. Although the biarticular muscle (i.e., gastrocnemius) plays an important role for the ankle joint motion, it is not well understood yet. In this paper, the effect of knee joint angle and the role of biarticular muscle for pedal operation are investigated. Experiments of the pedal operation were performed to evaluate the muscle synergies for the ankle plantar flexion motion (i.e., the pedal operation motion) in the driving position. The experimental results suggest that the muscle activity level of gastrocnemius varies with respect the knee joint angle, and smooth pedal operation is realized by the appropriate muscle synergies.
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